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Toro 7.5 Ah 60V MAX* Flex-Force Power System™ Battery

Toro 7.5 Ah 60V MAX* Flex-Force Power System™ Battery

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The Toro 60V* Flex-Force Power System™ is the most powerful battery in its class. Period. It's the one battery you need to finish everything without sacrificing anything. It offers the ultimate innovation with our "3P" configured stack for 3 times the power, higher max performance, and the ability to push your tools harder, for longer.
It’s flexible enough to work across a full line of unbeatable Toro tools from handheld trimmers and edgers all the way up to the biggest and baddest in our lineup. From tool to tool to tool, done and done and done. It’s 60 volts of all the things you want from a battery: Easier. Faster. Quieter. No cords. No mess. No hassles. Virtually no maintenance. That's power without compromise.
L405 battery is compatible with all Toro 60V Flex-Force Power System tools.
Battery charger is compatible with all Toro Flex-Force tools (81875)


Battery Amp Hours 7.5
Product Type Batteries/Chargers
Voltage 60V
Watt Hours 405Wh
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