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John Deere Paints and Chemicals Looks aren’t everything – but the better you look after your John Deere equipment, the better it will keep its value.

From cleaning sprays to heavy duty lubricants and paints, we offer a complete range of products to keep your John Deere looking and working like new. 

John Deere Paints

John Deere aerosol and can paints are made to the original formula used in the John Deere factory. They perfectly match John Deere green and yellow colours and are ideally suited to repair your John Deere machines and paint related mounted parts.

John Deere Paints ensure:

  • Very high gloss
  • Weather resistance
  • Long term flexibility
  • Excellent drying

Preparation for spray can painting (Aerosol paints)

1. Masking

■ Use masking tape on edges and crevices etc. around the area which needs to be painted, to prevent visible differences.
■ Protect surrounding areas with high-quality tape and paper.
■ Wait until the new applied coating has dried before removing masking.
■ Before starting the painting clean the object again with a suitable silicone remover and/or an anti-static cloth.

2. Sanding down the old coating in all areas to be painted (until all gloss is removed)

Possible contaminations and faults                     Elimination

Moisture                                                            Dry the substrate with a lint-free cloth
Corrosion                                                          Remove corrosion (sanding/grinding)
Oil, grease, dirt/soil                                         Use cotton cloth and commercially available cleaning agent to rub it off

3. General conditions for the processing
■ Pay attention to the safety instructions (see label on the spray can)
■ Processing only in good ventilated, dust-free and dry rooms
■ No processing at temperatures below 15°C (ambient temperature and temperature of the spray can)
■ Absolutely avoid temperatures above 40°C
■ If the substrate is not known, use a non visible area to test the adhesion.
■ It is recommended that you check the top coat colour match with the existing old top coat before starting the painting process

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