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Stihl Service Kit No 35

Stihl Service Kit No 35

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SERVICE KIT 35: FOR TS 410, TS 420 AND TS 440

With Service Kit 35 for STIHL cut-off machines, you can carry out simple maintenance work on your tool yourself. Regular standard maintenance, such as replacing the air and fuel filters and the spark plug, increases the service life of your cut-off machine. And because of this, you yourself can help to ensure that machine components and parts are protected from dirt and damage so they always works reliably and with optimum performance.

Service Kit 35 for TS 410, TS 420 and TS 440 includes the following components for standard maintenance:

  • Paper air filter
  • Pre-filter
  • Spark plug
  • Fuel filter

The long filter service life of STIHL air filters enables long operating times for your machines. STIHL paper filters are splash-proof thanks to their coated surfaces. Clean filters increase the performance of the engine, reduce fuel consumption and make it easier to start the device. By regularly replacing the paper air filter, the motor of your cut-off machine is reliably protected from abrasive dust. The performance is retained, the consumption is low and you can continue to simply start your backpack blower as usual.

You should also check the fuel filter so that no foreign particles enter the engine via the fuel. Regular replacement of these components protects the engine and supports its long service life. Changing the spark plug is also recommended so that clean combustion in the engine and thus optimal performance of your implement is possible.

You do not need any additional tools for standard maintenance work. You can use the combination wrench from the scope of delivery of your cut-off machine to change the air filter and spark plug. A cardboard hook is integrated in the packaging of the service kit to release the fuel filter.

  • For STIHL petrol-driven cutting machines TS 410, TS 420 and TS 440
  • Standard maintenance components for domestic and professional users
  • Proactive maintenance increases the longevity of your machine
  • With paper air filter, spark plug and fuel filter
  • Easy replacement of parts with the combination socket tool of your finished machine
  • Convenient fuel filter replacement thanks to cardboard hooks supplied

Part No - S1-42380074102

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