STIHL RMA 443C Mower

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The RMA 443 C is a powerful and manoeuvrable cordless lawn mower, which is ideal for larger areas of lawn.

It has an eco mode that can be switched on so that the speed of the lawn mower automatically adapts to the mowing conditions to preserve the battery life where possible.

The RMA 443 C is so simple to use and, with the innovative mono-comfort handlebar, it is also easy to access and empty the grass catcher box. The sturdy polymer housing is robust but is also lightweight making it easy to move and transport the mower - this is made even easier by the built-in carrying handles.

As with all STIHL lawn mowers, the blades have been designed to create the perfect airflow, which lifts the grass, cuts it neatly and pushes it into the grass catcher box with minimal resistance, so it also makes the most of the battery life. 

The RMA 443 C is part of our PRO Cordless range of tools and uses AP-series interchangeable batteries - it is not compatible with the AK-series batteries in the COMPACT Cordless System.

  • Area covered with recommended AP 200 battery: Up to 420m²
  • Area covered with AP 300 battery: Up to 500m²

RMA 443 C - Excludes Battery and Charger

RMA 443 C RECOMMENDED SET - Includes AP 200 Battery and AL 101 Charger

RMA 443 C PROMOTIONAL SET - Includes AP 200 Battery, AL 101 Charger and an additional AP 200 Battery at 1/2 price

For further operating and maintenance instructions please visit:

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