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STIHL MSA 200 C-BQ Chainsaw

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A lightweight, cordless chainsaw, ideal for firewood, general work around the garden as well as professional applications due to it's high cutting performance.  STIHL's quiet technology means you don't even need to wear ear protection. Features STIHL's Quick Chain Tensioning, making it easy to tension the chain. An additional feature is the QuickStop Super Chain Brake for additional safety. This model has 44% increased cutting performance compared to the MSA 160 due to the AP300 battery. Uses a 1/4" PM3 saw chain. Bar Length - 35cm / 14".

MSA 200 C-BQ - Excludes Battery and Charger

MSA 200 C-BQ RECOMMENDED SET - Includes AP 300 and AL 300 Charger

MSA 200 C-BQ PROMOTIONAL SET - Includes AP 300 Charger, AL 300 Charger, and an additional AP 300 Battery at 1/2 price

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