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Milwaukee Thunderweb Metal Drill Bits Set (19pc)

Milwaukee Thunderweb Metal Drill Bits Set (19pc)

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  • Thunderweb design is characterised by a conical shaped web, which gets thicker towards the back of the drill bit. Standard drill bits have a constant thickness throughout. Even the narrowest point the Thunderweb core is thicker than that of a standard drill bit.
  • Parabolic web cross section: Large web thickness. Strength built in.
  • Flute geometry - Thunderweb flute form ejects hot chips rapidly. Dissipates heat better increasing life time.
  • 135° Split point - Precision starting, drill bit won't walk on material surface.
  • Polished finish reduces friction and extends drill bit life.
  • Impact resistant ABS case with added rubber corner protection.
  • Accepts higher feed pressure and torque equallling less breakages.
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