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John Deere Low Lift Mulch Mower Blade Kit - AM140332.

John Deere Low Lift Mulch Mower Blade Kit - AM140332.

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The John Deere Mower Blade Kit is an essential tool for maintaining your lawnmower. Kit includes a durable, high-carbon steel blade for superior cutting performance, with an exclusive blade coating to prevent corrosion. This blade ensures a clean, reliable cut. Keep your mower running smooth and efficiently with the John Deere Mower Blade Kit.

Low lift mulch blade - Unique design to minimise upward lift, reduced suction to minimise wear from debris in sandy soil conditions. Designed to create a 'recycling' air flow, creates finer clippings and forces them to the ground for quicker decomposition.

Kit contains; one left blade, one right and locks.

Suitable for;

X155R, X166R, X167R, X350R, X300R, and X305R, all with 42inch rear discharge decks.

X304, X350, X354, X370, X300, X320 and X340, all with 42inch edge mulch decks.

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