John Deere Grease-Gard Premium, 400g x12

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1 Box of x12 400g

The right grease for daily maintenance points around the machine!

  • Excellent year-round, general-purpose lithium grease for light to medium duty applications.
  • Economic solution for daily greasing such as journal bearings, drive shafts and all other moving parts.
  • Limitations in central lubrication systems in hot operating temperatures in combination with high pressure.
  • Suitable for mild temperatures with an application temperature range of -30°C to +120°C.
  • NLGI 2 grade | ISO L-X-CCHB 2

Grease must perform several different functions simultaneously.

Its characteristics are to:

  • Lubricate moving parts to prevent wear
  • Protect components from corrosion
  • Flow under all temperatures to protect moving parts
  • Remain intact and in place under severe pressures or shock loads
  • Help seal and keep foreign contaminants out of lubrication points
  • Remain in place and continue to lubricate when exposed to water (wash out)


John Deere greases are specially formulated to meet these needs and fit for various heavy-duty applications. Other non genuine grease will not provide the protection and performance you would achieve with John Deere greases.

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