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Hayter 6.0Ah Battery (60V)

Hayter 6.0Ah Battery (60V)

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Interchangeable across Hayter’s entire cordless mower range. The 6.0Ah battery is suitable for mowing medium-sized gardens (up to 500 square metres) also used in Toro's Flex-Force Power System range of garden tools.

We reserve the right to make substitutions for products that may be out of stock. This will be substituted by a Toro branded product of the same spec.

Product Code: CODE106A

Features and Benefits

Easy to read LED indicator light shows the battery's charge level.

The onboard Power Boost technology optimises power output and overload protection in real time. Maximising battery performance and lifespan.

Ideal for mowing medium-sized gardens (up to 500 square metres) and larger Garden Tool jobs

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