John Deere Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge – Dual Powered

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Suggestion for use

Incorrect tyre pressures of the back wheels will lead to an uneven heigh of cut and an untidy finish on your lawn. Make sure tyre pressures are correct according to the information in the operator's manual of your lawntractor.

Setting the correct tyre pressure for the job is vital to ensure best fuel economy and minimal solid compaction. Correct tyre pressure will also help to avoid overloading thy tyre walls when carrying a heavy load and for transport. Check with your tyre manufacturer for specific recommendations.
Technical Data
PSI, bar, kPa and kg/cm² can all be accurately measured (2 to 150PSI +/- 1; 0,14 to 10,37 bar, +/- 0,07 bar) Integral tyre depth gauge.
Dual powered with solar panel and 3V CR2032 lithium ion batteries.
Autopower-off function maximises battery life.

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