STIHL BGA 86 Cordless Blower

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The STIHL BGA 86 cordless blower, offers 40% increased blowing power than the BGA 85, at a reduced weight. Simple controls ensure ease of use by allowing the user to adjust the speed of the blower with one hand. The Lithium-Ion battery emits minimal noise, without neglecting power. A soft-grip handle and a three-setting adjustable-length blower tube allows for comfortable prolonged use.

BGA 86 - Excludes Battery and Charger

BGA 86 RECOMMENDED SET - Includes AP 300 Battery and AL 300 Charger

BGA 86 PROMOTIONAL SET - Includes AP 300 Battery, AL 300 Charger and an additional AP 300 Battery at 1/2 price

For further operating and maintenance instructions please visit:

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