Get the Edge this season, Get John Deere Crop Packaging.

Get the Edge this season, Get John Deere Crop Packaging.

The familiar range of John Deere crop baling products will once again be available for you in 2022.

Our crop baling products are the perfect result of close teamwork between the worldwide leaders in baling products.

The combination of their knowledge of the baling business and John Deere’s rigorous verification and validation processes ensures outstanding performance in all areas. Quick to load, easy to use and designed for a long life.

Tama UK advise you to order your crop baling product requirements in good time to facilitate delivery before the season starts.

To discuss your crop packaging business for 2022, please contact your local Cornthwaite Group Depot: Dumfries, Carlisle, Kendal, Bispham, Nantwich.


Premium Netwrap for round bales


Thanks to a unique formula, the new XtraNet provides an enhanced performance and all-day trouble-free baling. Strong, long and consistently reliable, it’s your ultimate choice.


  • Reliable and consistent performance: For trouble-free baling experience – every time.
  • Efficiency: Less down time for roll changes and baler setup will help you boost your baler’s output.
  • Reduced waste: Up to 40% less plastic waste.
  • Length: You get what you pay for. Guaranteed.
  • Variety: Available in a range of lengths. Use the right roll length for your operation.

John Deere CoverEdge goes right over the edge of the bale and snaps into place for better protection. With the elimination of shoulders, bales are perfectly shaped for better handling, transport, and storage.


  • Covers 15% more surface area of the round bale.
  • Protects the edges of the bale and prevents rainwater penetration and moisture collection within the bale.
  • Improves the weatherability of the package. No loose “fluff” to pick up the moisture from rainfall.
  • Produces high-quality silage bales when wrapped with stretch film because the bale surface is smooth, eliminating air pockets in the bale.

High density cereal crops and heavy-duty baling have always required at least 3-4 wraps, or even more… until now.

Introducing: TamaNet+ Royal®. 70 years of innovative farming solutions brought to life with a first of its kind baling experience – Only 2.5 wraps per bale!


  • Only 2.5 wraps per bale!
  • Tailor-made for high density cereal crops
  • Designed to withstand the highest pressure
  • Crafted to enhance your performance
  • Reliable and consistent baling with all baler types.
  • Under any conditions.


John Deere Baler Twine for Large Square Baling


JD XtraTwine Max 3200 pack 

John Deere XtraTwine Max

  • Pack length 3200m Maximum spool length for the lowest density bales. Suitable for use in all balers.

JD XtraTwine Long UK Pack 

John Deere XtraTwine Long

  • Pack length 3000m A standard big bale twine, suitable for use in all crops and in normal baling conditions.

JD XtraTwine Plus 2800_pack 

John Deere XtraTwine Plus

  • Pack length 2800m The best performing option for all crops and balers where high density is required. Use it for silage and for high density hay and straw bales.

JD XtraTwine HD Plus 2600_pack 

John Deere XtraTwine HD Plus

  • Pack length 2600m Suitable for making very high-density bales and for baling in the toughest conditions of high temperature and low humidity.

JD XtraTwine HD Prime 2200m pack white 

John Deere XtraTwine HD Prime

  • Pack length 2200m Suitable for making ‘extreme’ density bales and for baling in the toughest conditions of high temperature and low humidity.


John Deere Stretchfilm for silage bales

John Deere Stretchwrap guarantees maximum performance in the challenging environment of quality bale wrapping.

  • UV protection
  • Best cling properties
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • 5-layer, co-extruded film
  • Reduced storage and operational cost
  • Strong, high-quality bales
 Width Length Rolls per Pallet Colour
750mm 1,500m 40 Black, Green


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