John Deere Xtranet 3,800/ 4,500M Netwrap

John Deere Xtranet 3,800/ 4,500M Netwrap

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Bale all day for less.

Only John Deere netwrap is designed specifically for your John Deere baler. Its Zebra System ensures easy loading in the baler and easy unrolling when it comes to feeding time. Strong

The perfect baling experience
Only John Deere netwrap is designed specifically for your John Deere baler. Thanks to a unique formula, the new XtraNet provides an enhanced performance and all-day trouble-free baling. Strong, long and consistently reliable, it’s your ultimate choice.

Reliable and consistent performance: For a trouble-free baling experience – every time.
Efficiency: Less down time for roll changes and baler setup will help you boost your baler’s output.
Reduced Waste: Up to 40% less plastic waste.
Length: You get what you pay for. Guaranteed.
Variety: Available in a range of lengths. Use the right roll length for your operation.

Brand name Roll length Width Roll diameter Roll/pal
John Deere XtraNet 4500m 123cm 29cm 28
John Deere XtraNet 3800m 123cm 27cm 28


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