John Deere CoverEdge 3800 Netwrap

John Deere CoverEdge 3800 Netwrap

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CoverEdge 3800 Better protection for your bales.

  • Plastic Core Inserts – The John Deere CoverEdge now comes with cores that feature plastic inserts at the end of the core. These plastic core inserts provide marketability and compatibility for John Deere CoverEdge in all balers that utilize a roll support system.
  • Better weather protection – With the bale edges covered, there‘s less opportunity for rain or moisture to penetrate the bale.
  • Reduced crop losses – The smooth edges hold the crop tight to the bale’s surface, reducing crop losses and making storage easier and neater.
  • Better silage bales– With the unique elasticated edge threads, CoverEdge netwrap pulls the crop in on the bale shoulders, helping to eliminate trapped air when wrapping with fi lm.
  • Better looking bales – Bale contractors, make your customers happier with perfect-looking bales that store and transport better!
  • Easier handling – CoverEdge holds crop material inside the bale during transport, so bales look good even after handling.
  • Low cost per bale – A roll of John Deere CoverEdge does cost more than a roll of standard netwrap, but you get so much more. Calculate the cost of net per bale you wrap and you’ll fi nd CoverEdge is a great value.

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