STIHL HLA 65 Hedge Trimmer

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The HLA 65 is the ideal cordless, long-reach hedge trimmer for tall and wide hedges in your garden. Offers variable speed control, and a 115° degree adjustable cutter bar, for easy vertical, overhead and ground-level cutting. Double-sided cutting blades for precise cutting. A blade tip protector and a blade guard ensures safe and easy transport. 


HLA 65 - Excludes Battery and Charger

HLA 65 RECOMMENDED SET - Includes AP 100 Battery and AL 300 Charger

HLA 65 PROMOTIONAL SET - Includes AP 100 Battery, AL 300 Charger and an additional AP 100 Battery at 1/2 price

For further operating and maintenance instructions please visit:

Owners Manuals and Safety Brochures

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