Orange and black  AR L Backpack Battery with a plastic cover in an upright position with a battery holder on the side

AR L Backpack Battery

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Backpack Lithium-Ion batteries with high power capacities for long battery life, USB connection, and Bluetooth Interface for connection with STIHL connected. Sturdy housing with integrated carry handle and charge-level indicator. Can be directly connected with RMA 765 V. In combination with the AR L carrying system and AR L connecting cable, suitable for tools with a socket and in combination with an AP adaptor for tools with a battery slot. Can be used in the rain. 

AR 2000 L - Excludes connecting cable, AP Adaptor, and carrying system. 1015 Wh Battery Power / 7.4kg

AR 3000 LExcludes connecting cable, AP Adaptor, and carrying system. 1520 Wh Battery Power / 9.5kg

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