The Best Ride-On Lawn Mower of 2020

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Compact, manoeuvrable and efficient. The STIHL RT 4082 ride-on lawn mower is the perfect all-round mower to precisely mow your lawn. 

It is extremely simple to use compared to other mowers. With the single-pedal self-propulsion, the direction of travel can be easily and conveniently switched between forward and reverse using a hand lever to facilitate quick manoeuvring.  

The robust frame construction provides a high level of stability and driver comfort, whilst the compact housing design offers a small turning circle making it a suitable option for gardens with narrow passages or multiple trees or obstructions. 

A man using the STIHL RT 4082 in his garden

Don't just take our word for it!

Derek Adams from T3 magazine, specialising in gadget news and tech reviews, wrote an article featuring the STIHL RT 4082 as the best mower in 2020, calling it a 'mean trimming machine'. Click here to read the full article and see how the products compare.

Now you're convinced, click here to go straight to the STIHL RT 4082 page to get your own!

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