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STIHL's KombiSystem is a modular system featuring a range of powerful engines and various attachments for effortless gardening. All the KombiSystem products, including engines and attachments, have 'KM' in their model name, making it easy to see which products can be used together. 

To start your own KombiSystem collection, choose from one of five KombiEngine's below.

KM 56 RC-E

For use in the garden and around the house. This engine features STIHL ErgoStart technology, which cuts the effort required to start the 2-MIX engine in half. Perfect for domestic users.

KM 94 RC-E

Similar to the KM 56 RC-E, the KM 94 RC-E features ErgoStart and a 2-MIX engine. However, the KM 94 RC-E is better suited to larger gardens due to it's increased power. An additional feature of the KM 94 RC-E is STIHL's ECOSPEED, which provides the user with increased control over the speed for more economical use.

KM 111 R

As a next generation Kombi Engine, the KM 111 R takes advantage of the updated 4-MIX engine. This uses a petrol-oil mix to ensure complete engine lubrication to avoid the need for an oil pump, sump or oil tank. Perfect for landscapers and property maintenance.

KM 131 / 131 R

The KM 131 and KM 131 R utilise the same 4-MIX engine. The models differ with the handles, which is purely a personal preference. The KM 131 features a bike handle, whereas the KM 131 R features a round, loop handle. A powerful engine ideal for professional applications.

KMA 130 R

The KMA 130 R is a cordless, battery powered KombiEngine. Taking full advantage of the powerful AP or AR Battery System, this engine has three power levels for energy-efficient and low-noise work in all applications. If you choose an AP Battery system,an AP holster with connecting cable is required. 

(please note - the KM 131, KM 131 R and the KMA 130 R are not suited to the FSB-KM attachments)

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